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PhD Pedro R. Moya-Maleno [= Pedro Reyes Moya Maleno]

Spain, 1979. PhD History ‘Doctor Europaeus Mention’ at Complutense University of Madrid, speciality in Ethnoarchaeology and Long Term Processes in order to Protohistory and Celtic Iberia. He is leader of different research groups (‘Entorno Jamila’ (2004-..., Chief Researcher), 'Santa Catalina' (2013-..., Chief Researcher), ‘Ager Laminitanus’ (2015-..., co-Director) and member in others. Also has papers in reviews and congresses in Spain and Europe related to his main research strands:

  • Ethnoarchaeology and Longue Dureé Process in European Iron Age and Celtic Iberia.
  • Calcolithic to Roman Age in the SouthMeseta in Spain, especially in South Meseta and Upper Andalusia.
  • Landscape and (pre)historical paths
  • Preindustrial technology (i.e.: whetstones).
  • Professional Archaeology.

Moya-Maleno has been fellowship resercher in Paris and Rome and is Referee for other institutions.

I am interested in supervising as co-tutor PhD or member of the PhD viva related to my research lines. I am also open to tutoring practices at the Centro de Estudios del Campo de Montiel (Spain) and other research centers.

He also works as Heritage assistant, both for persons and companies as for academic institutions, such as that developed in the UCM Faculty of Geography and History since 2013 (2021-... assistant professor):

  • Archaeologist of management
  • Inventory of private collections
  • Editing scientific texts (from the Word to the press)
  • Support in Teaching Innovation and Social Networks.

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